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Residential Schools Archive

The following list of schools are institutions recognized in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA).

There are some schools that do not contain a list of student names. This means that at present, we have no record of children having died as a result of their time at that school. There is a significant amount of work still to be done to ensure no child is forgotten. If you have any information on a child that did not return home from a school, please contact us at the NCTR.

Select a school below to view the names of the children who died at or went missing from that school.

A National Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support to former students. This 24-Hour Crisis Line can be accessed at: 1-866-925-4419.

Residential School - Birtle, MB ( 1888 -1970)


The Birtle School started as a day school in 1883. Following its conversion to a boarding school in 1888, it …

Residential School - Moose Island, ON (1906 -1976)

Bishop Horden Hall (Moose Factory)

Anglican missionaries established a boarding school at Moose Island on Hudson Bay in the 1850s. In 1905 the Bishop of …

Residential School - St. Paul, AB (1898 -1990)

Blue Quills (Sacred Heart)

Roman Catholic missionaries established a boarding school at Lac la Biche in 1891. The school buildings were moved to the …

Residential School - Fort Simpson, NT (1960 -1975)

Bompas Hall (Koe Go Cho)

In 1960 the federal government opened two hostels in Fort Simpson, Bompas and LaPointe Halls. Students staying in the hostels …

Residential School - Brandon, MB (1895 -1972)


The Brandon School was built under the direction of Methodist missionary John Semmens. During the 1940s and 1950s the school …

Residential School - Fort Smith, NT (1957 – 1975)

Breynat Hall (Fort Smith Hostel)

Breynat Hall was part of a Canadian Government project begun in the mid-1950s to build day schools and hostels in …

Residential School - Carcross, YT (1903 -1969)

Carcross (Choutla)

In 1903 students from the school at Forty Mile, Yukon, were moved to a small school in Carcross. In 1911 …

Residential School - Williams Lake, BC (1891 -1981)

Cariboo (Williams Lake)

The Cariboo school was opened by Roman Catholic missionaries in 1891. In 1902 nine boys ran away from the school, …

Residential School - Kenora, ON (1902 -1976)

Cecilia Jeffrey (Shoal Lake)

This school (sometimes referred to as the Shoal Lake school) in northwestern Ontario was built in 1901 just east of …

Residential School - Chapleau, ON (1907 -1948)

Chapleau (St. John’s)

The Chapleau residential school operated from 1907 to 1919 north of the town of Chapleau, ON. In 1920, a new …