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Carcross (Choutla)

 -  1903 -1969

Religious Entity: Anglican

In 1903 students from the school at Forty Mile, Yukon, were moved to a small school in Carcross. In 1911 the federal government built the Choutla school. The school had a reputation for poor health, harsh discipline, poor food, and unpleasant living quarters. In the 1940s, the principal admitted to strapping students so severely that they had to be held down. The school burned down in 1939 and was rebuilt in 1944. A new school was built in 1953. It closed in 1969.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Ada Roberts1916-01-08
Albert Jackson1942-09-14
Albert Tomca. 1929
Bella Danielca. 1924-01-01 – 1925-12-31
Bertha Jimmy1953-05-07
Caroline Moses1946-09-05
Charlie Johnson1931-01-16
Clara Moses1950-06-27
Cora Druganca. 1921
Douglas Hall1946-04-28
Elizabeth Kwatlatyica. 1924-01-01 – 1925-12-31
Eunice (Carcross)1913-09-01
John Lucas1958-04-16
Joshua Moses1922-12-19 or 1923-12-01
Martha Mcleod1929-05-10
Mollie Dickson1906
Paul Peter Mcginty1920-03-25
Sarah Moses1945-12-05
Sarah Tetlechi1924-05-01
Susie Anderson1931-05-10