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Spanish Girls School (St. Anne’s)

 -  1868 -1962

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Spanish girls’ school was built as a replacement for the Wikwemikong school on Manitoulin Island which had burned down in 1911. The girls were moved to Spanish in 1913, although construction of the school was not completed until 1914. Eight girls died during the 1918 flu epidemic. At Spanish, the girls were more involved in farm labour than at other residential schools. Despite overcrowding in the early 1950s, by the later years of the decade enrollment fell. In 1959 the school had to close its farm operation and in 1962, the school closed completely.

Spanish Girls school building
Spanish Girls school building
Spanish Girls School building

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Agatha FlamandNot known
Angelique AmajiwegijigNot known
Angelique Trudeauca. 1920-05-01
Anna Manitowabica. 1920-08-01
Anne Pekonniassang1918-11-03
Annie Begouiassan1918-11-03
Catherine BewaNot known
Celile MosesNot known
Christine Cooperca. 1896-06-01
Christine GinnwasbiNot known
Delia Dokumca. 1920-06-01
Elizabeth DebosigaNot known
Ernestine Corbiere1918-10-31
Helene Manitowash1918-10-29
Henriette Oliver1915-01-12
Ida KiiawisensNot known
Ina Nolan1920-11-15
Jane Ogwaneca. 1911
Juliette Wabigijig1917-04-16
Lena Osawabine1918-10-28
Louise OshkabewicaneNot known
Lucy ArabeneNot known
Magdalen BeaudryNot known
Marie Diaumeca. 1919
Mary Grace Moses1920-02-21
Mary Mandomin1911-09-21
Mary Medweiash1918-11-03
Mary P []BatteNot known
Maryanne Wesley1920-02-21
Matilda Bisaillon1918-10-31
Nancy Shawinawca. 1898
Philomene AmajiwegijigNot known
Philomene DebosigaNot known
Rose Wemigwans1918-11-01
Sophia McleodNot known
Sophie Pangooishca. 1924-08-01
Suzan Commandant1923-12-25
Thérèse Mitchell1918-10-07
Veromi JohnsonNot known
Veronica SaganakiNot known
Virginia Corbiere1918-11-02 or 1918-11-12