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Spanish Boys School (St. Peter Claver)

 -  1879 -1958

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Charles Garnier school was established at Spanish, ON. Eight boys died during the 1918 flu epidemic. In 1955 an internal Jesuit report concluded that the teaching staff “either cannot or are not interested in teaching.” During the same period the school was financially dependent on the success of the school farm, which required the work of both the staff and students. Facing a declining enrollment, the school was closed in 1958.

Group of people posed for a photo outside from Spanish Boys school
Group os students on boat from Spanish Boys school
Group of students outside of Spanish Boys school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alexandre Wemigwams1918-11-09
Angus Tarbell1918-11-04
Basil Mcleod1934-06-15
Daniel Jimigan1918-12-09
Dan SkinawayNot known
Edmond Wibokamigad1918-11-07
Isaac Thompson1938-08-25
Isaiah Beauvais1918-11-11
Jerome Kitchikeken1918-11-08
John Cameron1918-11-08
John Canadian1920-04-25
John CanadienNot known
John Nashkawa1920-05-02
Joseph Beboning1938-10-28
Joseph Cameron1918-11-08
Jospeh Maynard [Leonard] ToulouseNot known
Martin Souliere1924-02-05
Michel Akiwenzie1918-11-05
Moise Minoweshkang1918-11-04
Norman Kitchikekek1929-03-25
Simon Gotchin1917-05-24