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Morley (Stony)

 -  1922 -1969

Religious Entity: Methodist United Church

From 1880 to 1908, Methodist missionaries operated the McDougall Orphanage and Training Institution on the Stony Reserve near Morley, in what is now Alberta. In 1926 a new residence was constructed and classes were held in the local United Church. In 1947 Indian Affairs issued guidelines for the strapping of students in response to an incident in which students at the Morley school were beaten on the head. Five years later a fire inspector concluded the school was a firetrap. The school was closed in 1969.

Group of students writing on chalkboard at Morley Stony School
Students sitting at desks in Morley Stony School
Students and teachers outside at Morley Stony School

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Amos Lefthand1942-10-17
Annie Hunter1935-06-16
Charlie Amosca. 1943-08-01
Evelyn Pocette1934-12-31
Isaiah Powerface1947-12-26
Leta Powderfaceca. 1943-05-14
Mary Dixon (Morley)1935-07-06
Susan Two Young Men1935-06-07
White Bright Star1938-02-13