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Unknown Residential Schools

The names listed below identify students who died or went missing while attending a residential school; however, the residential school has not been identified or confirmed.

Further research will identify the name of the school where the child was lost.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
(Baby) RedbreastNot known
AckeepineskungNot known
Ada TomNot known
Adam Phillipca. 1937-01-01
Albert Aka Chueechoque HardyNot known
Albert Bellegardeca. 1916-01-01
Alex OnamekeeNot known
Alex Sochowskica. 1965-09-01
Alexander James HorsefallNot known
Alice KasiminookisNot known
Alice SamakeeseNot known
Allen Napo or MayopoNot known
Anges Edna RednoseNot known
Angus Kamenewetawin1977-07-27
Ann DarazeleNot known
Ann Goodswimmer1940-03-30
Anna AllaryNot known
Anna BaldheadNot known
Annie KegeshyoungNot known
Annie WisegaisNot known
Antoine KatousNot known
Arthur MillerNot known
Audrey WesleyNot known
August John Dickca. 1959-01-01
Awasis (Sturgeon Lake Reserve)1940-03-02
Baby BillNot known
Bernadette NaitamepinesseNot known
Bertie BullNot known
Betsy OsborneNot known
Carl TannerNot known
Carle Wynes Linklater/LinkeleterNot known
Carrie QuackageezickNot known
Catherine MackayNot known
Cecile Mattinas1948-05-25
Charlie DouglasNot known
Charlotte CheeoNot known
Charlotte EndageezickNot known
Charlotte Sagutch1947-05-11
Christine RoyNot known
Daisy Dodging NorasNot known
Daniel Bertie FiremanNot known
Daniel Idzozo1903-11-17
Daniel Naposh/NapashNot known
David CheesewahmnieNot known
David Freddie NahacappoNot known
David Harry SnowboyNot known
David SwainNot known
Denial MichelNot known
Dolphus Stoney1948-05-29
Dorcas Evelyn CummiskyNot known
Doris Marjorie StarrNot known
Dorothy WilliamsNot known
Edgar BearNot known
Eliza KittyNot known
Eliza RednoseNot known
Eliza SealhunterNot known
Ella LaffordNot known
Ellese Koadeth1926-04-21
Ellie Ratca. 1934-08-01
Emily OjooginNot known
Emily SagichewayNot known
Emma FiremanNot known
Ernest Halkett1966-12-31
Ernie Paul SimonNot known
Ethel BaldheadNot known
Ethel BenNot known
Ethel Bull-Back-FatNot known
Ewart DifflerNot known
Fanny HallNot known
Flora AhanNot known
Francis MacauleyNot known
Frank BuhgwahgeneneNot known
Frank MamaniwatumNot known
Fred Sarcee WomanNot known
Frederick James CharlesNot known
Gaspard WoodenballNot known
George KitchenNot known
George MclundyNot known
Gilbert Mattinas1947-05-21
Gladys KingNot known
Harriet Hattie1903-10-01
Harriet Jessie SealhunterNot known
Harriett CandaceNot known
Harry Lemilese1904-11-14
Harvey CheabiesNot known
Helen GullNot known
Helen MorrisonNot known
Herman Stewart-MartinNot known
Hugh Coming SingingNot known
Hugh KingNot known
Ida Mary Caroline Mickey1970-02-23
Ida RossNot known
Irene InnesNot known
Jack LinklaterNot known
James Donald NoxsanaNot known
James Obotossawayca. 1969-12-01
James PaulNot known
Jane SaltNot known
Jessie Mary JamesNot known
Jessie OgooginNot known
Jimmy TouchieNot known
John BirdNot known
John JawboneNot known
John KumawapumekoNot known
John KunawteewatNot known
John KuskageezickNot known
John OganapeNot known
John Oldpan1938-05-28
John Paishk1948-03-28
John WahsagahpunNot known
Joseph (Ontario)1947-01-15
Joseph ChappiereNot known
Joseph HopeNot known
Joshua CkeeskomashNot known
Jospeh Louis RichardNot known
Juliet ChekachieNot known
Kathleen Edna LouttitNot known
Lawrence SilverquillNot known
Leila TomigoNot known
Leslie Keith Charlie1959-05-03
Lily RednoseNot known
Lily/Lillie RupertNot known
Louisa August GeorgeNot known
Louisa ChickenNot known
Louisa MckayNot known
Lucy Michell1951-06-28
Lucy PekodayNot known
Lucy Rosy DanNot known
Maggie CuristerNot known
Margaret Campbell Mcswain1896-02-15
Margaret Nancy VennNot known
Maria J. CookNot known
Marie A. BellNot known
Marry KechegeNot known
Mary Adela SetteeNot known
Mary Ann FletcherNot known
Mary Anne Sanecko1900-08-06
Mary CusterNot known
Mary Fighting The BattleNot known
Mary Kumapawesit/Kumapowesit/RumapawesitNot known
Mary MarsdenNot known
Mary NapeneskumNot known
Mary SwallowNot known
Mary TwainNot known
Mary-Jane KitchenNot known
Mary-Virginia KingNot known
Matheu LackaweNot known
Maud WaposewyanNot known
Meni KonakipiNot known
Michael Gerald RabbitcarrierNot known
Nancy CheabiesNot known
Nancy MoodyNot known
Nanokeesic (Sioux Lookout)1947-06-24
Nellie SimsNot known
Noreen Verone CrowhurstNot known
Patrice MartinNot known
Pattee PeducketNot known
Paula StandingNot known
Peter RedbreastNot known
Philip MartenNot known
Philip PekodayNot known
Phillip Small LegNot known
Philomena BruyereNot known
Phoebe PokiakNot known
Rhonda EkinNot known
Richard Shumaeshi1902-08-14
Rita WilliamsNot known
Roderick WascowinNot known
Ruby QuackageezickNot known
Samuel BysheiNot known
Samuel SealhunterNot known
Sanders (Ontario)1937-05-01 – 1953-09-01
Saul MosesNot known
Shannon Coo-Pay-PayNot known
Simon OibeauNot known
Sophie ArnooseNot known
Stephen PaulNot known
Stephen RobertsNot known
Student No. 0131Not known
Susanna Tait1948-04-01
Sylvester Patrickca. 1943-01-01
Teresa Jeffries1930-11-09
Thelma GoodNot known
Thomas PekodayNot known
Thomas WapahooNot known
Tom Many HorsesNot known
Trudeau (Manitoulin Island)1945-06-02
Vidal DumondNot known
Wilfred LaloNot known
William CharasseNot known
William Georgeca. 1893-03-01
William KaskupNot known
William Owen1946-10-15
William Thomas BirdNot known
Williamson (Manatoulin Island)1955-11-08
Willie StonefishNot known
[Jerimian] BallentyneNot known
[Unknown] Mckayca. 1955-09-01