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St. Michael’s (Duck Lake)

 -  1894 – 1996

Religious Entity: Catholic

In 1894 Roman Catholic missionaries established the Duck Lake boarding school north of Saskatoon in what is now Saskatchewan. In the school’s early years, tuberculosis was epidemic. In 1910 an Indian agent estimated that fifty per cent of the children sent to the school had died. A new school, which later became known as St. Michael’s, was constructed in 1949. During the 1950s, when the school’s maximum enrollment was supposed to be 220, it was often closer to 260. In 1969 the federal government took over the administration of the school. In 1982, the school was turned over to the Saskatoon District Tribal Council. It was closed in 1996.

group of people outside St. Michaels Duck Lake school
Group of students outside at St. Michales Duck Lake school
Group of students in parade outside at St. Michaels Duck Lake school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Ada Yako1898-05-19
Agathe Chippewyan1913-07-01
Agnes Ahpistawasis1903-04-15
Agnes Kahkeetoomayou1910-06-20
Alexis Kahkikyas1900-03-22
Alfred Lecris1912-03-19
Alfred Little Bighead1925-04-07
Andre Nah-Nah-Qua-Hung1900-03-15
Ann Mary Rivier1907-05-13
Annie Bighetti1916-05-28
Anthony Regis Blackhand1908-08-01
Basil VelleNot known
Bernard Kamatchamasis1908-03-18
Bessie Sutherland1923-12-04
Bina Arcan1900-07-05
Caroline Gardippie1930-08-07 or 1930-08-09
Catherine Flamend1900-06-14
Domitille Morissette1921-03-07
Dora Arcan1902-03-15
Edith Mike1939-02-14
Elizabeth Grayeye1921-02-16
Elize Ahseeneeseer1903-07-15
Elize Peepahkeechew1911-01-14
Ellen Dorion1904-01-05
Elmira Oh-Oo-Sis1903-11-25
Elsie Cook1920-05-04
Emile Marion1926-02-12
Emma Ledoux1915-07-05
Eugenie Waychakunew1897-05-10
Eulalie Veuillot1906-07-22
Francis Watson1911-12-01
Frank Ferdinand Blackhand1908-03-24
Frederick Lafond1929-12-24
Gabriel Poundmaker1897-11-27
George Longneckca. 1896
Gertrude Ananas1908-01-23
Gertrude De Laroque1931-03-24
Gilbert Gardypie1933-03-08
Helene Naytowohow1924-03-17
Heli Neyabiskapeweyen1898-05-12
Henry Mamahtwew1918-11-12
Henry Peeteetuce1935-12-05 – 1935-12-06
Herbert Redwing1918-11-15
Irene Daniels1928-01-31
Isaac Peters1926-03-24
James Kahkeetookewtapiyou1897-10-23
Jeannie Lafond1925-11-29 – 1925-11-30
Jerry Napopeca. 1974-11-01
Jessie Wapoohoo1906-05-04
John Faval1904-03-25
John Sidney Gardypie1934-04-28
Johnnie Matchap1918-11-16
Johnny Kahkeetoonewtayyou1898-11-04
Johnny Sanderson1931-01-12
Joseph Constant1930-01-26
Joseph NeigabiskapewenNot known
Joseph Neyabiskapewayen1902-12-17
Joseph Valdale1902-03-21
Joseph Watchekam1899-01-30
Josephine Napesis1921-11-19 – 1921-11-20
Laura Bird1926-03-23
Lawrence Ledouxca. 1923-01-01 – 1923-09-31
Lizzie Boyer1896-01-19
Louisa Seeseequasis1918-11-09
Lucy Clay1956-03-08
Margaret Primeau1919-05-05
Marie Albert1900-06-26
Marie Charlotte1923-08-04
Marie Oh-Oo-Sis1900-03-31
Marie Seepeeqascan1902-03-22
Marie Virginie Quinnie1915-11-15
Martial Tawepesim1908-02-20
Mary Alma Levi1938-05-24
Mary Charlette1910-08-25
Mary Jane Rednose1907-09-10
Mary Josephine Daniels1939-05-12
Michael Maskatepwist1906-03-08
Morin Joachim1921-05-19
Nancy Okemasis1916-10-29
Nancy Saw-Phaw-Pah-Kay-oo1900-01-22
Norman Thunder1934-09-10
Philomene Maskatepwist1903-03-06
Philomene Rednose1914-04-24
Philomena NaytewehewNot known
Philomine Naytowohow1919-10-07
Pierre Cursitor1912-03-21
Raphael Nah-Kah-Nah-Qua-Hung1897-05-14
Regie BoyerNot known
Regis Rivier1906-06-20
Regis Thomas1936-08-12
Remea Peesoopahtawca. 1907
Rosalie Hartley1909-07-30
Rosalie Keeneeqwayneepeeness1897-06-07
Rosalie Mamahtwew1912-03-17
Salomi Laframboise1905-02-05
Sarah May Good Day1922-08-19
Thomas Morissette1917-07-24
Virginie Hamelin1899-07-28 or 1899-08-08
Virginie Kahkeetoomay1912-07-28
William Petsetuce1897-05-06
Willie Lachance1933-03-27
Zotique Kahkikyas1899-08-15