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Muscowequan (Touchwood)

 -  1889 -1997

Religious Entity: Catholic

In 1886 the Roman Catholic day school on the Muscowequan Reserve in what is now Saskatchewan was enlarged to allow it to take in boarding students. The school was the subject of a number of negative Indian Affairs inspection reports in the 1920s. In 1923 a nurse said the building was not in fit shape and the diet served to the students was inadequate, lacking in milk and vegetables. The federal government took over administration of the school in 1969. From 1981 the school and residence was managed by the Muskowekwan Education Centre. It closed in 1997.

Group of students sitting on steps of building at Muscowequan Touchwood School
group of students outside at Muscowequan Touchwood school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Angus Windigo1933-07-28 or 1933-08-03
Clara Bigsky1927-06-22
Dorothy Rose Strongarmca. 1943-04-25
Edna Mahinganessca. 1939-06-01
Elizabeth Mahiganesca. 1939-05-02
Emilia Windigo1929-01-06
Euphrosine Cyr1903-12-24
Fred Youngca. 1949
Geraldine Patricia NanaquawetungNot known
Harris Whitecapca. 1936-09-01
Harry O’Kanape1930-07-22
Joseph Desjarlais1934-07-13
Joseph Wolfe1955-09-25
Marie Emile Dustyhorn1933-05-16
Mary Agatha Windigo1926-04-28 – 1926-04-28
Michael Windigo1926-07-19
Philomine Desjarlais1905-07-14
Pierre Kaniswawetang1898-05-11
Rose Mary Wolfe1950-08-27
Rose Worm1937-08-12
Samuel Bigsky1926-10-27
Theresa Ewenin1931-05-24