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File Hills

 -  1889 -1949

Religious Entity: Presbyterian United Church

Presbyterian missionaries established a boarding school in the File Hills of what is now Saskatchewan in 1889. Tuberculosis was a serious problem at the school. A 1907 study showed that of the thirty-one pupils who had been discharged from the File Hills school since it opened, fifteen had been dead at the time of their discharge. In 1942 fire completely destroyed two classrooms. They were not replaced until 1944. Parents lobbied the government to close the school and in 1948 a government inspection concluded the school should be demolished. It was closed in 1949.

Group of people in front of File Hills school
Group of people outside of Fire Hills school
Group of people in front of Fire Hills school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Archie Feathers1912-11-01
Douglas Bearca. 1912
Elizabeth Ross1935-09-05
Morris Keewatinca. 1944-01-01
Ronald Saulteaux1947-03-19
Wilfred Toto1933-01-13