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Shingwauk (Wawanosh)

 -  1878 -1970

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Shingwauk school opened in 1873 in Garden River, ON, burning down within days of opening. It was replaced two years later with a school built near Sault Ste. Marie. In 1931 the school was condemned. A new school opened in 1935, at which time the school merged with the Wawanosh girls’ school. In the 1950s Shingwauk students began attending local day schools. In 1969 the federal government took over the administration of the school, closing it the following year. The former school is home to Algoma University College and the Shingwauk Project Residential School Archive and Research Centre.

Shinwauk baseball team posing for photo
Group of children sitting on floor in a circle in Shingwauk school
Group of students standing with other students on their shoulders outside Shingwauk school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Penance1903-07-30
Alexander Knaggs1899-06-30
Andrew Johnson1906-03-07
Andrew Stacey1897-05-19
Andrew Wahcaneh1916-01-10
Asa Peters1890-05-06
Audrey Le Sageca. 1949
Benjamin Beaconsfield Cheguans1882-01-16
Beulah Henry1938-11-18
Caroline Waukay1890-06-09
Carrie Vincent1917-04-18
Charles Ningishkung1919-02-09
Charlie Penahsewa1882-01-04
David Etukitsininani1888-04-23
David Neacappo1965-12-16
Dora Isaacs1906-03-27
Doreen Wilson1942-09-08
Dudley Shilling1940-08-15
Edward Waukay1890-06-03
Elijah (Shingwauk)Not known
Elliot Sampson1904-11-03
Emma Lesage1913-04-01 – 1913-04-30
Evelyn Boonus/Barnes1927-03-13
Frank Grey1907-01-14
Frank Oshkapukeda1919-02-13
Frank Spaniel1912-03-14
Fred Manitochens (Michael)1913-11-18
Fred Nahwahgezhic1943-11-02
Hannah Weezhoo1876-01-30
Henry Kechego1903-05-21
Howard Greenbird1937-12-10
Isaac Kezhihgobinis1902-10-03
Isaac Shebahgezhis1902-09-09
Isaac Thomas1904-03-05
Jacob Grey1907-04-30
Jane Kitchejohn1967-10-21
Jane Warnerca. 1888-03-03
John Rodd1877-11-28
Josephine Sampson1890-05-23
Julia Jacobs1905-04-06
Julia Masug1906-02-15
Kathleen Manitochens (Michael)1918-11-18
Lawrence Buszouski1930-12-22
Lawson Musouesh Kodawa1905-10-09
Leo Kicknosway1942-05-08
Lily Nicholas1936-02-15
Llwellyn Jackson1893-07-10
Louis Morris Minwahsin1879-09-18
Louise Isaac1929-12-30
Lucy Kezhekobsuse1913-01-14
Margaret Emery1918-02-12
Mary Kadah1889-09-08
Martha Mark1885-04-01
Mary Martin1937-12-16
Mary Petuhwepejhik1891-12-13
Mary Semo1902-03-06
Mary Tobico1923-07-01
Myrtle Riley1936-06-06
Ningwennina Oskahjukeda (Frederick Oshkapukeda)1879-05-17
Norma Soney1937-10-29
Peter Beauvais1929-11-20
Peter Jacobs1882-02-08
Peter Jones Stone1889-02-26
Robert White1899-05-01
Roy Richards1924-05-11
Ruby Curley1916-03-02
Sampson OmisinahsqutaimiNot known
Samuel Skilliter1905-12-09
Sinclair Spaniel1912-03-15
Simon Altman1882-06-04
Simon Jacobs1905-02-22
Solomon Corning1876-05-18
Solomon Kahgee1919-07-18
Thomas S. Skilliter1913-07-12
Wilhemina Anderson1906-06-08
William Esquimau1891-04-02
William Saguhcheway1882-05-16
William Stonefish1901-03-13
Willis R. Fisher1911-01-14