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Mohawk Institute (Mechanic’s Institute)

 -  1885 -1970

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Mohawk Institute opened in 1828 in Brantford, in what is now Ontario. The school relocated in 1840 and was destroyed by fire in 1858. The rebuilt building and barns were destroyed in a fire set by students in 1903. A new school was built and later expanded. The federal government took responsibility for the school in 1945. The federal government closed the school in 1970, although some students remained in residence until 1971. The Woodlands Cultural Centre operates out of the former school.

Children playing on swings by building at Mohawk Institute
Group of people sewing on machines in Mohawk Institute school
Group of people outside with horses from Mohawk Institute

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Davey1897-11-02
Andrew Silver1893-12-27
Arthur Staats1924-03-31
Augustus Jacket1852-01-04
Bernard Iveran BeaverNot known
Caroline Burnam1902-09-08
Charlie Staats1923
Dorothy Herkimer1931-04-21
Edgar Smith1916-03-29
Edith Clause1910-09-17
Effie Smith1936-05-11
Emily Hill1871-12-09
Emma Martin1871-03-01
Eva Jane Lickers (Herkimer)1929-01-25
Francis Waddilove1876-06-03
Gladys Staats1927-01-21
Gordon Tobias1918-10-28
Hilda Wilson (Mohawk Institute)1918-10-27
Ida Curley1880-06-10
Inez Wilson1918-04
Jenny Maracle1901-06-16
Jesse Cusick1907-02-10
John Moses1897-10-13
Joseph William Commanda1968-09-03
Julia Turkey1871-01-21
Kitchener Jamieson1927-03-07
Lillian VanEvery1918-10-24
Loretta Sero1864
Louisa Leween1902-04-30
Mabel Walker1902-08-09
Margaret Lickers1912-02
Margaret Maracle1901-06-16
Margaret Williams1870-06
Mary Ann Suzan Clara Ottereyes1965-09-05
Morley Snake1965-01-22
Pauline Johnson1932-04-11
Peter DoctorNot known
Raymond Jacobs1941-11-17
Reuben Fox1925-02-17
Robert Gibson1917-06-05
Russell Bennett1918-10-21
Sarah Hill1872-04-29
Solomon Ashkewe1902-06-14
Stanley Herkimer1918-11-01
Susannah Hill1851-12-15
Susannah Maracle1871-08-23
Theresa Lacour1891-08-09
Walter Henry1918-10-28