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St. Albert (Youville)

 -  1873 -1948

Religious Entity: Catholic

The St. Albert residential school grew out of a Roman Catholic mission school that had originally been established for Métis children at the Lac Ste. Anne Mission in 1859. Four years later the mission was relocated to St. Albert. Over the years a large number of Métis children attended the school. In many cases, the provincial department of welfare funded their attendance. In 1938, space in a convent associated with the school was converted into a special unit for the care of children at risk of tuberculosis. When the provincial government declined to guarantee funding for the school, the missionaries in charge of its operation chose to end its operation.

group of students and teachers outside at St. Albert school
Students in front of St. Albert Youville building
group of students in band at St. Albert Youville school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
A. Thibert1925-02-07
Adam Bearhead1936-08-01
Adelaide Pictwiwesin1900-06-12
Adele Cartwright1941-01-25
Agnes Cartwright1941-01-01 – 1941-01-31
Alexis Rain1943-03-31
Bella Callihoo1918-01-01 – 1918-12-31
Ben Albert Foley1929-04-10
Bessie Gouchier1941-03-21
Camille Charbonneau1921-12-14
Caroline Paul1929-12-01 – 1929-12-31
Christine Burnstick1947-05-25
Cyprien Gaucher1902-08-01
Daniel Kootenay1942-01-28 – 1942-12-31
Daniel MoiseNot known
Dolphus Lefthand1943-03-01 – 1943-03-31
Ellen Toomah1919-06-06
Eddie L’Hirondelleca. 1930
Flora Paul1937-05-21
Florence Paul1941-01-01
Frank Burke1925-02-08
Irene Teresa Cardinal1941-08-21
Isabelle Huppe1922-05-17
Isabelle Ward1937-06-21
Jennie Toomah1917-10-02
Joachin Coutepatte1902-07-08
Joseph Kisikisewiskan1902-04-10
Joseph Paul1917-03-04
Joseph PaulNot known
Josephine Arcand1929-12-31
Justine Kitikaw1895-07-07
Lina Hironcelle1925-02-20
Lucie Bruneau1924-01-18
M. E. Kamikawekew1904-02-05
Maggie Maminowata1919-08-27
Marg Agasuijlakan1902-06-27
Maria Pepin1931-06-01 – 1931-06-30
Marie Aquasis1921-01-01
Mary Ann Delorme1911-11-15
Mary Delphine Morrison1904-01-01 – 1904-12-31
Mary Rose Arcand1944-01-01
Michel Kanamatchew1919-07-01 – 1919-07-31
Milly Kamamatchew-Testawitch1904-03-14
Ole Johnson Peter1940-08-30
Rosalie Paul1919-07-01 – 1919-07-31
Simon Napotokan1916-08-01 – 1916-08-31
Sophie Rains1942-01-01