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Sarcee (St. Barnabas)

 -  1892 -1921

Religious Entity: Anglican

In 1892, Anglican missionaries opened the Sarcee Boys’ Boarding School (also known as St. Barnabas’s) on the Sarcee Reserve in what is now Alberta. A 1908 the government survey declared the building “unfit for school purposes.” It became increasingly difficult for the school to recruit students to the school. However, it was not until 1914 that a new building was constructed. A 1920 medical survey found that, of the 33 pupils at the Sarcee school, “All but four were infected with tuberculosis.” The school was closed two years later and was turned into a centre for treating Aboriginal tuberculosis patients.

Group of people outside building at Sacreee St. Barnabas school
Group of people sitting in front of Sarcee St. Barnabas school
Two students outside at Sarcee St. Barnabas school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Big Plume1917-04-25
Bernard StarlightNot known
Bertie Weasel Robeca. 1906-01-01
Billy Big Plume1917-02-11
Billy Sleigh1917-01-01
Billy Stabbing First1897-12-20
Bobby Many Wounds1893-08-14
Daniel Dog1904-03-18
Daisy Dodging NorasNot known
Edgar Calf RobeNot known
Fanny Grasshoper1900-05-20
Fanny River Woman1897-06-27
Jack Big Prairie Head1896-03-20
James Crow Shield1896-04-05
Jane Many Shields1896-03-04
Joe Manipan1906-07-29
John (Sarcee Reserve)Not known
Jos Big Prairie Head1893-06-10
Leo Crowchief1893-05-21
Leo Sleeping Wolf1897-09-04
Lizzie Many Horses1900-10-09
Mary Yellowlodge1921-05-17
Nellie Night1917-02-12
Pat Dodgiing HorseNot known
Pierre Bull Dog Fly1899-01-01 – 1900-12-31
Ralph Crowded That Wayca. 1907-11-01
Reginald StarlightNot known
Robert Running In The Middle1902-03-30 – 1902-04-30
Sam Crowchild1918-11-01 1918-11-30
Sarah Night1896-05-24
Simon Big Roadca. 1907-01-01
Sophie Sarceewoman1921-01-01 – 1922-12-31
Tom Rider1894-02-04
Walter Big Crow1916-12-24
Walter Weasel Horn1903-04-17
Willie Medicine1896-05-24