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St. Paul’s Hostel

 -  1920 -1943

Religious Entity: Anglican

St Paul’s Hostel opened as a residence for children attending the local Dawson City public school. The hostel filled quickly and an addition was soon constructed. The operation eventually moved to the former Good Samaritan hospital. Hostel students were expected to do chores outside of school hours but did get a full day of school. The hostel always cared for a significant number of non-Aboriginal and mixed descent children, and by the early 1940s Canada was refusing to provide support for non-treaty students. In 1943 the Yukon government took over the funding of the facility.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Fred Watt1932-04-09
Jeanette Hume1932-06-10
Lena Lord1932-04-16
Mabel Van Gorder1923-09-21
Maggie Mcdonald1931-10-10
Mary Blanchard1938-11-12