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The flame that burns at the centre of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) logo symbolizes the seven fires representing the Seven Sacred Teachings of respect, honesty, courage, love, humility, wisdom and truth. The fire represents our collective responsibility to care for and ensure that the fires of reconciliation lit across this country stay bright.

As one looks into this fire, the image of two birds appears. These birds represent our spirits being set free when our truth is told. The two birds also represent some of the relationships that are necessary for the process of healing and reconciliation: the relationships between Survivors and intergenerational Survivors, between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and between parents and children.

The third small flame within the fire represents all of the children who are not yet born – those to whom we are collectively accountable in our efforts to pass on a better world. 

The circle around the flame represents our duty to protect the fire while gaps in the circle – indicating East, West, North and South – welcome everyone to join the journey of reconciliation.

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NCTR’s spirit name – bezhig miigwan, meaning “one feather”.

Bezhig miigwan calls upon us to see each Survivor coming to the NCTR as a single eagle feather and to show those Survivors the same respect and attention an eagle feather deserves. It also teaches we are all in this together — we are all one, connected, and it is vital to work together to achieve reconciliation.