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Shingle Point (St. John’s)

 -  1929 -1936

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Shingle Point School was the first residential school created specifically for Inuit children. Because it focused on Inuit pupils, the school fell under the administration of the Department of the Interior and not Indian Affairs. Operated during the great depression in a remote and windswept location where shipping was expensive and unreliable, the school suffered from sometimes marginal food supplies, overcrowding, and little access to medical care. In 1936 the school was closed and everything was moved to the new All Saints Anglican Residential School in Aklavik.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Andrew Ologokca. 1931-03-01
John Grover1936-11-18
John Koodlarluk1939-02-06
Moses (Shingle Point)1930-01-26
Walter Powhuna1933-09-12
Walter Powshuna1933-09-12