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St. Mary’s (St. Anthony’s)

 -  1897 -1972

Religious Entity: Catholic

Opened in 1897 at Rat Portage in northwestern Ontario this school was first known as the Rat Portage Boarding School, then the Kenora Boarding School and then St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic School. From 1938 it was known as St. Mary’s School. Early in its history, the local band negotiated an agreement that students would not be converted to Catholicism against their parent’s will. A fire destroyed one of the school residences in 1938. During the 1960s, the school began to integrate its students into the local day school system. The school closed in 1972.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Joseph-Henry1939-09-03
Ambrose Skead1946-06-29
Amos Blackhawkca. 1943
Antoinette Tap-PeeNot known
Bernadette Strong1943-03-15
Cathline ThomasNot known
Charlie Mechangabo1937-01-01
David Redsky1974-10-12
Elise Indian1945-03-07
Elizabeth Thomasca. 1907-09-01
Jim FlimNot known
John Jack1938-01-15
Joseph Blackhawkca. 1946
Joseph Netawegabo1899-10-24
Joseph ThomasNot known
Josephine Seymour1965-08-08
Josephine Shebakwan1900-04-01
Joyce Bluebird1946-10-09
Louis StrongNot known
Mabel Skeid1945-12-23
Margaret Peetawekijick1904-01-31
Mary StrongNot known
Marie Thérèse Bobca. 1946-06-01
Martha G. Sukedjeweskang1901-10-13
Michael Charley Macheegabow1937-01-01
Nancy Keewatin1938-06-27
Norman RobinsonNot known
Peter KapkagesikNot known
Philip Swain1970-11-28 or 1970-11-29
Robert ThompsonNot known
Roderick Keesick1970-12-05
Rosaline Bird1941-06-26
Sarah Jack1937-08-08
Thos Wawanapetungsca. 1903-03-01
Victoria Kelly1946-10-02
William KennedyNot known