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Pelican Lake (Pelican Falls)

 -  1927 -1978

Religious Entity: Anglican

Pelican Lake school was established in 1926 near Sioux Lookout, ON. Despite its location on the Canadian Shield, the students cleared a portion of the school’s 287 acres for a farm operation. In the late 1940s there was severe overcrowding in the school. In the 1950s the school increasingly served as a residence for students attending local day schools. The federal government took over administration of the school in 1969. In 1978 the school, which by then was operating solely as a hostel, closed.

Four students standing outside at Pelican Lake school
Group of students sitting and standing outside of Pelican Lake school building
Hockey team posing for photo

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Amos Jacob1949-03-01
Charles OmbashNot known
Daniel Masakeyash1936-02-03
Doris Carpenter1937-10-17
Dorothy Ferries1946-10-23
Ferlin SouthwindNot known
John Wapoos1936-12-21
Lavina Beardy1936-02-24
Maggie Cromarty1936-10-27
Margaret Fox1935-04-17
Margaret Singebisca. 1943-08-01
Mary Ann Ash1945-02-02
Mary Petawaywayca. 1945
Michael Jean Sapay1938-01-07
Mike OombashNot known
Morris Roosterca. 1947
Nancy Tooshenan1937-10-19
Samuel Sakakeesic1941-04-21
Samuel Wesley1943-01-20
Stoney Johnson1952-04-09
Sybil Anishinabi1949-05-05
Thomas OmbashNot known
Thomas Wapoos1936-11-05
Uriah Baxterca. 1945