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McIntosh (Kenora)

 -  1925 -1969

Religious Entity: Catholic

Roman Catholic missionaries founded the McIntosh School with federal government support in 1925 in McIntosh, northwestern Ontario. In 1965, the main residence was destroyed by fire. It was not rebuilt. As a result, many of the students were sent to other schools in Northwest Ontario. The school was closed in 1969.

Child playing on floor with toy at McIntosh school
Group of people outside of building at McIntosh school
Three students outside posing for picture from McIntosh school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Anna Awasse1943-09-15
Annie Gishickca. 1944
Beatrice Lasensca. 1944
Cecilia Quinaeca. 1947-12-01
Daisy Mikinakca. 1949
Edward Kapeskangca. 1941-09-01
Elie Wabosons1944-01-08
Etiennette Misen1945-10-17
Fisher Georgeca. 1948
Francois Paul1943-08-23
Gerald Kejick1938-06-14
Harry Kakaychewan1945-12-04
Isaac Fisher1936-02-11
Joseph Lands1937-03-20
Joseph Sagutch1946-04-06
Joseph Spence1939-01-19
Lawrence Swainca. 1947-05-01
Lucie Sagutchca. 1944
Lucille O’Cheek1936-10-13
Lucy Meguanawapca. 1945
Madeline Moonaisca. 1948
Maggie Wanakamikca. 1947-09-01
Marceline Monians1944-12-18
Marie Estelle Wolf1937-02-24
Marie Rose Iasens1937-04-02
Mary Cheebotobie1946-04-10
Moonias Thereseca. 1949
Nancy Sagutchca. 1946
Paul Emile Land1944-07-17
Rita Loon1938-03-29
Sarah Mikinak1947-04-01
Yvonne Wabosons1943-02-19