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Sandy Bay

 -  1905 -1970

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Sandy Bay School opened in 1905 on 100 acres of land on the Sandy Bay Indian Reserve (now the Sandy Bay First Nation) in southwest Manitoba. Many of its first students were children from the Sandy Bay Reserve who had been attending school at the St. Boniface Industrial School. By the late 1940s the school was severely overcrowded: one government report concluded the school had twice as many students as it could reasonably house. The school was closed in 1970 and ownership of the residence was transferred to a local day school.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Arthur Mousseau1937-01-30 or 1937-01-31
Bella Desjarlais1920-01-15
Clifford Swan1948-06-15 or 1948-06-18
Harvey Wilson Beaulieu1950-12-31
Jean Baptiste Hunter1926-11-15
Lawrence Clear Sky1937-11-01
Mabel Houle1920-04-16
Mary A. Desjarlais1928-03-12
Mary Bone1946-08-31
Masie Bella Whetford1936-12-16
Patrick Beaulieu1937-11-23
Philomene McIvor1944-05-03
Russell Rufus Cook1953-09-01 – 1953-09-30
Veronique Levasseur1932-05-18
William Manijins1947-03-11
William Richard1920-11-01 – 1920-11-30