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CBC’s Indigenous Pathways to Journalism Development Program open for applications


The CBC’s Indigenous Pathways to Journalism Development Program is here!

Indigenous communities are full of storytellers and community leaders who have unique perspectives, experiences, and stories to share. CBC’s Indigenous Pathways provides the training, tools and experience to strengthen Indigenous voices and storytelling at Canada’s Public Broadcaster. 

Indigenous candidates may apply for this paid 9-month development opportunity in journalism. This is a full-time, paid learning opportunity for six First Nations, Inuit and Métis candidates who want to develop practical skills as a storyteller in a CBC newsroom. There is no requirement for prior journalism experience.

In this program, successful participants will: 

  • Learn skills and tools for working in a modern newsroom.
  • Work in journalism, from digital writing to radio and television broadcast.
  • Grow relationships with coaches, mentors, colleagues, their cohort, and fellow Indigenous CBC staff.
  • Create multi-platform storytelling that merges Indigenous storytelling with CBC journalism.

The deadline to apply is July 29, 2022. Learn more at If you have questions or want to talk more about the program, email:

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