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Thunderchild (St. Henri)

 -  1901-1948

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Thunderchild school opened in 1901 on the Thunderchild Reserve in what is now Saskatchewan. Established by Roman Catholic missionaries, it was also known as the Delmas school and the St. Henri school. The school had a troubled history. It was overcrowded and students suffered and often died from a wide range of illnesses including typhoid, peritonitis, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, jaundice and pneumonia. A 1940 inspection led to a recommendation that, since the building was an outdated fire hazard, it should be closed. Eight years later, the school burned down and was not rebuilt.

Group of students and teachers outside Thunderchild St. Henri school building
Group of students and teachers outside Thunderchild St. Henri building
Group of students and teachers outside Thunderchild St. Henri building

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adam Takakihinew1935-05-27
Alice LonesingerNot known
Andrew Tootoosisca. 1937-09-01
Annie Oxebinca. 1928-05-03
Catherine PeyetchewNot known
Cecilia NepichatNot known
Charlie TobaccojuiceNot known
Dora BensonNot known
Edward BaptisteNot known
Edward Lightfootca. 1932-06-09
Elmirie Mirastyca. 1916-05-01
Emma Blackstar1932-10-09
Emma Northwindca. 1930-03-01
Felix Jack1937-03-03
Flora SeekoosNot known
François Desjarlais1932-04-09
Helene EskamikapiwNot known
Henri AtchenumNot known
James Albert1933-08-18
Joe PeyetchewNot known
Joseph BigearNot known
Joseph Myoca. 1927-09-13
Louisa BaptisteNot known
Louisa Bull1912-07-01
Lucia Peaychew1928-02-01
M. Therese Whitecapca. 1927
Madeleine EskamikapiwNot known
Madeleine JimmyNot known
Marguerite Assassayoca. 1912
Maria Kaspwat1930-03-13
Maria Kruger1928-01-13
Marie Elizabeth SeekoosNot known
Marie Louise Hainsworthca. 1928
Marie TootoosNot known
Nancy AtchenumNot known
Nanette EskamikapiwNot known
Norman Kruger1928-07-27
Patrick TootoosNot known
Robert LonesingerNot known
Robert MyoNot known
Rosalie Benson1928-08-04
Susan Mccallum1935-12-29
Victoria Kaspwat1936-10-24
Wilfred Arcand1936-05-11