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Sturgeon Landing

 -  1926 -1952

Religious Entity: Catholic

Predecessor to the Guy Hill Residential School at The Pas, the residential school at Sturgeon Landing began operation in 1926, although its official opening was not until 1927. During its history, the school saw out breaks of illness. The Sturgeon Landing school was destroyed by fire in 1952, and was not rebuilt. That fall, pupils and most of the staff were moved to facilities in The Pas where they remained until Guy Hill residential school was built on nearby Clearwater Lake in 1957.

Group of students posed for picture outside of Sturgeon Landing school
Group of people outside from Sturgeon Landing school
Group of people outside Sturgeon Landing school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Abraham Bighetty1931-12-09
Bibiane Bighetty1936-12-30
Elie Caribou1943-04-24
Elie Hunter1934-04-21
Elizabeth Ratca. 1938-09-18 – 1939-10-19
Emelie Michellca. 1943-07-01 – 1943-08-31
Emile Morinca. 1945
Flora Jane Tawapisim1934-10-18 – 1934-10-20
Françoise Petersonca. 1937-04-10
Genevieve Ninine1944-04-15
Helen Bearca. 1945
Jacob Curicteur1929-12-12
Jean-Baptiste Bird1932-07-04
Jeanette Hume1928-01-10
Jimmie Benaouni1941-07-20
Jimmy Adam1949-09-21
Joseph Michellca. 1943
Josephte Head1937-07-18
Josiah Constant1936-11-15
Julien Bighettyca. 1937-07-01
Leo Saulteux1947-09-21
Madeleine Benaouni1928-03-09
Madeleine Headca. 1937-01-01
Madeleine Michellca. 1942-09-01
Marguerite Lincleter1941-03-12
Marguerite Moose1944-12-18
Marie Bear1946-08-22
Marie Bighetty1927-12-12
Martial Siwap1940-09-21
Mary Ann Jobca. 1951
Maryann Many Fingers1927-12-17
Nelson Peter Spence1944-05-07
Noemie Michell1928-07-12
Philip Canada1934-03-28
Pierre Daniel1928-03-19
Pierre Okimawca. 1942-07-01
Rosalie Sywap1929-04-12
Rosie Michell1927-12-23
Suzette Merasty1947-06-14
Ubald Nicolasca. 1944
Veronique Benaouni1928-01-17
Veronique Sywap1929-03-25
William Merasty1935-12-23