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Prince Albert

 -  1894 -1997

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Prince Albert school was established in 1947 to take in students from the Anglican school at Lac La Ronge. The school was established in what was originally meant to be a temporary location in a former army base on the edge of Prince Albert. Instead, the Prince Albert school grew to be the second-largest residential school in Canada. After 1961 the school was used as a residence to house students attending local day schools. In 1969, the federal government took over the administration of the school. First Nations played a growing role in the administration of the residence, which closed in 1997.

Group of people at Prince Albert School
group of people in front of Prince Albert school
group of people outside of Prince Albert school in uniforms

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Agnes Sinclairca. 1923-01-01 – 1923-03-31
Amy Chiefca. 1941
Conrad Ahenakew1937-10-13 – 1937-10-19
Francis Pittca. 1936
Jerry Ballentyneca. 1949
Lily Chiefca. 1936
Mary Jane Brown1948-05-02
Paul Lewisca. 1934
Priscilla Beatrice Bear1937-11-30
Roy King1936-04-09
Virginia Bird1927-02-19