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St. Anne’s (Fort Albany)

 -  1906 -1976

Religious Entity: Catholic

St. Anne’s school was established in the early years of the twentieth century at Fort Albany, ON. In 1941 three boys ran away from the schoolit is believed that all three either drowned or died of starvation. The government took over management of the school in 1965 and of the residence in 1970. The residence was phased out in 1976, and the school transferred to the local First Nation. Four former staff members have been convicted on charges that include indecent assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault, and administering a noxious substance.

Group of students and teacher from St. Anne's school
Group of students from St. Anne's school
Group of photos from St. Anne's school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Abraham Moses Nakogee1967-06-22
Alexandra Chookomoolinca. 1937-01-01 – 1939-12-31
Anna Aitelca. 1940
Antoine Wisk1940-04-07
Charles Hunter (Fort Albany)1974-10-23
Emile Anishinapeca. 1932-05-01
Emilien Aitel1935-10-17
Gabriel Carpenter1937-02-15
Imelda Edwards1936-05-03
Jennie Kostachin1942-05-09 – 1942-05-28
John Kioki1941-04-19
Joseph Metat1935-05-31
Josephine Chookomoolinca. 1937-01-01 – 1939-12-31
Madeline SutherlandNot known
Margaret SutherlandNot known
Mathieu Kamascatishishit1942-05-18
Michael Sutherland1941-04-19
Michel Matinas1941-04-19
Raphael Katakwapit1937-05-19
Raphael Tomykatieca. 1943-03-01
Sabeth Sutherlandca. 1932-08-01
Sabeth Wabanoca. 1939
Simeon Ashnipinishkam1942-05-13
Therese Okitigoca. 1940