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Chapleau (St. John’s)

 -  1907 -1948

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Chapleau residential school operated from 1907 to 1919 north of the town of Chapleau, ON. In 1920, a new school opened at a site south of Chapleau. In 1908, an Indian Affairs inspector said that seven of thirty-one children at the school had died in a three-month period, and parents temporarily stopped sending their children to the school. Thirteen years later, parents hired a lawyer stating that students were being cruelly treated. The school was damaged by a fire in 1944, and three years later a second fire caused further damage. The school closed in 1948.

Children standing with books outside of Chapleau St. John's school
Three students standing outside from Chapleau St. John's school
Two students sitting outside on rocks from Chapleau St. John's school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alfred Iserhoff1924-07-14
Alice Tangie1944-04-10
Allan Chappise1921-11-16
Antoine Jackpine1920-02-15
Beatrice Egodgin1923-09-08
Charles Cheese1931-01-01
Charlotte Tangie1948-06-08
Dorothy Tangie1947-02-25
Emily Redbreast1923-04-23
Emma Budding1923-07-16
Esther Tangie1921-05-15
Frances (Francis) Cheabies1915-01-12
Frances Pigeonca. 1907-05-01 – 1907-08-31
George Patrick Samkiesca. 1919-05-01 – 1919-08-31
Harriet Pekodayca. 1908-01-01
Harriett Ottereyesca. 1944-02-01
Harry Bains1922-05-02
James Redbreast1923-02-03
Jessie Egodgin1924-09-10
Kate Blackice1915-05-01
Lizzie Mongoose1925-12-18
Margaret Indushozozogeegish1920-04-30
Mary Anne Agathe1925-07-07
Mary Quackegesick1931-11-03
Moroni Quakegesick1927-04-27
Nancy Blackice1915-03-15
Philip Redbreast1923-12-15
Robert Chahebugiscounit1922-05-29
Rose Ada Davis1918-11-07
Samuel Chapkebregumb1922-06-26
Silas Redbreast1924-08-23
Willie Blackice1920-03-19