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St. Joseph’s (Fort Resolution)

 -  1903 -1957

Religious Entity: Catholic

Operated as a mission school and opened in 1903, St. Joseph’s main school building was not constructed until about 1910. Throughout its history the school experienced periodic fires, outbreaks of illness, an acetylene plant explosion, and food shortages. A hospital school associated with the mission operated near the residential school until 1939. In the 1940s and 1950s inspection reports noted the dilapidated state of the school buildings. Following the closing of the school in December 1957, staff and students were transferred to Breynat Hall in Fort Smith, NWT.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
[] Cyr1920-05-20
Alex Edjeregonca. 1915
Alice Abel1945-01-13
Alice Dodman1930-04-23
Alma Beaulieu1944-08-11
André Esakke1920-04-28
Antoinette Brown1940-05-28
Archie Boland1930-03-31
Baptistine Laferty1916-07-12
Beatrice Laferty1927-06-29
Celine (Fort Resolution)1939-08-08
Céline Crapaud1926-03-16
Céline Kfwitli1939-08-21
Charles Shageze1918-05-08
Denise Boucher1945-08-15
Dora Jane Houle1922-02-15
Dora Jonas1921-11-14
Elise Abel1932-02-04
Elizabeth (Fort Resolution)1926-07-14
Elizabeth Baiser1930-02-07
Elizabeth Drygeese1925-05-15
Elizabeth Etlenzoca. 1930-03-01
Elizabeth Etsembo1937-12-24
Elizabeth Watters1920-05-20
Elize (Fort Resolution)1925-05-15
Ernestine Boghin1935-11-27
Florence (Fort Resolution)1923-05-24
Francoise Louine1923-04-30
Fred Louine1952-03-28
Gabriel Beze1952-02-19
Isadore (Fort Resolution)1915-10-21
Isadore Bescaye1941-02-21
Jane (Fort Resolution)1920-07-03
Jean K-Eaca. 1916-10-01
Jerome Martin1917-12-01
Jerome Tsootzani1920-07-04
Joe Wet’Cade1926-05-04
Joseph Edgar HodgsonNot known
Joseph Thellatteneca. 1915
Libia (Fort Resolution)1916-10-30
Lisa Enaxch1931-11-25
Liza Etlonzo1932-05-31
Madeleine Pr[]Tcho1921-01-09
Margaret Edjeregonca. 1915
Marguerite Collins1947-10-10
Maria Susie1917-04-25
Maria Trachi1917-08-07
Marie Celestine Tourangeau1916-09-24 or 1916-09-26
Marie Madeleine Beaulieu1950-04-14
Marie Madeleine Fiza1917-01-14
Marie Madeleine Laferty1922-01-17
Marie Rose1921-04-13
Marie-Adele Adziu1926-05-24
Marie-Adele Dominque1919-09-18
Martin Johnny1918-02-25
Pauline Beaulieu1930-12-15 – 1930-12-26
Pierre Beaulieu1912-12-03
Pierre LamouelleNot known
Pierre Trachi1917-05-02
Ruth Kennedy1948-04-03
Samuel Smallgeese1950-12-10
Sophie (Fort Resolution)1926-01-28
Sophie Kea1934-01-07
Therese Marlo1951-02-18
Thomas Nyalti1927-06-27
Thomas Simonca. 1914
Tibia (Fort Resolution)1917-08-17
Victor (Fort Resolution)1913-10-26
Vital Sonfrere1920-05-07
William Noye1921-05-07
William Tchéa1930-03-25
Yate’Ie Monique1921-07-25
Yvette Walters1924-06-17