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Sacred Heart (Providence Mission)

 -  1906 -1960

Religious Entity: Catholic

Opened in 1867, the Sacred Heart School at Fort Providence was the first residential school in the Canadian north. Life at the school in its early years was hard: in one year there was no meat, flour, potatoes, butter or grease. The original log structure was expanded in 1912. A new three-story school was built in the 1930s. Through most its history there were 65 to 75 students enrolled in the school, but in the 1950s enrollment was around 100. The school closed in 1960.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adeline Ellize1951-05-30
Adeline T’Lo1929-02-27
Angelique Bonnet Rouge1945-06-13
Beatrice Laffertyca. 1952
Bella Simon1920-03-08
Bella T’Atti1930-08-22
Caroline (Fort Providence)1919-10-13
Chantal Eugene1868-07-16
Denise Menosa1946-08-03
Dora Gazonca. 1936-10-01
Dora Tana’Ica. 1928
Eliza Thel’O1924-03-30
Elizabeth Menicoche1936-05-06
Ernestine Lefoin1952-11-12
Frank Thomasson1941-02-06
Geneva Hunter1899-01-01
Georgina Aratzonne1929-10-07
Isidore (Fort Providence)1919-10-30
Isidore Brule1946-05-14
Isidore Ellizeca. 1946
Jean (Fort Providence)1919-10-21 – 1919-10-22
Julie Fantastique1935-08-12
Leonard Baptiste1929-04-17
Linda May Choloca. 1950-07-01 – 1950-08-31
Maggie Lua1935-01-16
Marie Elizabeth Fantastique1935-04-17
Marie Louise Gazon1929-10-28
Marie Rose Sabourin1929-12-06
Marie Sabourin1928-11-19
Marie Sakéca. 1930
Marie Ullaca. 1928
Maurice Lesage1952-11-08
Maurice Nicholas1944-01-31
Moise Koawheca. 1936-04-01
Rosa Denet’e1944-09-23
Samuel (Fort Providence)1919-10-11
Therese Alec1945-01-13
Thomas Grande Jambe1929-11-06
Vital T’Lo1924-01-29