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Hay River (All Saints)

 -  1895 -1937

Religious Entity: Anglican

The boarding school at the Anglican Mission at Hay River opened in 1895 and was soon receiving government grants. A new residential school building was constructed in 1917. In 1935 negotiations were underway to amalgamate Hay River and Shingle Point schools into one new facility. All Saints Anglican school in Aklavik opened in 1936, becoming the focus of Anglican education in the region. Hay River closed in 1937 and all but local students were transferred to new facilities in Aklavik. The Hay River mission continued to operate a day school for local children in the school after this.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adele Tambour1930-02-20
Alice Bompassca. 1933-01-01
Alice Mcpherson1912-02-14
Annie Koe1927-10-20
Annie Sindilhyn1927-10-20
Archie Lamilise1930-05-14
Bella Snowshoe1924-12-29
Bella Vittrekwaca. 1936
Benjamin Martin1929-07-03
Camille (Hay River)1930-06-14
Catherine Vittrekwa (A)1935-04-08
Catherine Vittrekwa (B)1934-04-10 – 1934-04-13
Elsie CamsellNot known
Emma Huskey1919-01-06
Etenasia Harriet Sangfrere1928-01-02
Ethel Edwards1926-02-08
Ethel Mcpherson1930-06-08
Eunice Mitchellca. 1925-01-01
Florence Mcdonald1925-04-25
Frederick Jones1933-09-10
Georgie Horasi1903-09-30
Hannah Sittachmck1925-01-13
Harriet (Hay River)1903-10-01
Henry Andrew1930-04-01 – 1930-04-30
Jack Tairona1928-11-27
John Pascal1929-01-28
John Tevornaca. 1929
John Thomas Smithca. 1937
Johnny Dry-Meat1925-04-13
Jonathan Martel1930-05-21
Joseph Andrew1930-06-05
Joseph Vittrekwa1930-04-01
Laura Lagituk1929-07-01
Laura Pascalca. 1929
Louisa Pascal (All Saints)1929-03-17
Lucy Andrews1928-03-09
Mabel Camsell1925-06-20
Mabel Joyce Mcleod1929-06-16
Mabel Njootlica. 1930-04-01
Mary Netathli1903-09-03
Moses AndrewNot known
Moses Uilok1927-12-27
Nellie Horriseyca. 1931
Olive Helene Firth1934-11-14
Perry George Siberian1924-04-21
Peter Pelissay1904-11-21
Rosie Martel1930-01-31
Sarah Jane Kooshca. 1925
Vital Lafferty1930-07-14
Walter Choutsi1903-09-26