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Federal Hostel at Frobisher Bay (Ukkivik Student Residence)

 -  1971 -1995

Religious Entity: Non-Denominational

The federal government established a federal hostel, also known the Ukkivik Student Residence, in 1971 for students attending the Gordon Robertson Educational Centre in what was then Frobisher Bay (now Iqaluit). The Gordon Robertson Educational Centre, now renamed the Inuksuk High School, was to serve as a high school for students from the Eastern Arctic, many of whom up until then had been sent to Churchill, Manitoba for their education. The original hostel closed in 1992 and students were transferred to a new hostel, which operated until 1996. The building now houses the Nunatta Residence of the Nunavut Arctic College.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Billy Kovic1984-01-01 – 1985-12-31
Noah Thomassie1978-01-01