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Elkhorn (Washakada)

 -  1889 -1949

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Washakada Home for Girls and the Kasota Home for Boys were established in the village of Elkhorn, MB in 1888. Following a fire, the school was rebuilt outside the town in 1895. Ongoing financial problems led to a government takeover of the school. It was closed in 1918 but reopened in 1923, under the administration of the Anglican Church’s Missionary Society. Many students came from northern Manitoba. The leaders of The Pas Indian Band made a number of complaints about the conditions at the school, which was eventually closed in 1949.

Group of people sitting outside from Elkhorn school
Group of students posing outside for photo in front of Elkhorn school
Two students leaning on a wall outside of Elkhorn school building

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adam Oochoo1930-01-01
Albert Morrison1911-07-19
Albert Upistipas1907-03-14
Alfred Bear1890-01-01 – 1890-12-31
Alick Sinclair1905-06-17
Allan Pookski1895-06-01 – 1895-06-30
Bob Reddish Gun1894-01-01
Christine RedheadNot known
David Tatizoyhema1906-01-22
Dummy Bad Boy1896-11-01 – 1896-11-30
Elizabeth Rose1926-01-01
Emma Beardy1927-04-12
George Maningway1925-02-10
George Red-ears1890-01-01 – 1890-12-31
Henry Marsden1925-01-01
James Underchief1894-01-01 – 1894-12-31
Lillian Brass1932-06-23
Mary Ann RobinsonNot known
Mary Jane Cook1906-07-21
Moses BeardyNot known
Philip BrightnoseNot known
Philip Redhead1933-04-20
Rachel Henderson1904-07-16
Robert Mcgibbon1897-01-01
Roy Umpherville1939-11-01 – 1939-11-30
Sarah SpenceNot known
Steven StevensNot known
William HeadNot known