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Lejac (Stuart Lake)

 -  1917 -1976

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Lejac or Fraser Lake School opened in 1922 when it was moved from Stuart Lake, BC. It was located on the south side of Fraser Lake, BC. In January 1937, four boys, who had run away from the school, froze to death on Fraser Lake. The coroner criticized the school’s “excessive corporal punishment” and their failure to conduct an effective search. In the following decade parents wrote letters protesting the school’s harsh conditions, often refusing enroll their children in the school. The school closed in 1976.

group of students and teachers from Lejac Stuart Lake school
group of students and teachers outside Lejac Stuart Lake school
group of students sitting outside Lejac Stuart Lake school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Abel Evan Francois1917-03-02 – 1920-03-02
Alec C. Prince1944-02-02
Alex Michell1940-09-21
Alfred Wilson1935-07-25
Allen Patrick Willie1937-01-01
Allen SamNot known
Alphonsine Dominic1935-06-08
Andrew H. Paul1937-01-01
Andrew Sam1939-12-01 – 1939-12-31
Bernice Billy1946-09-13
Bertha Pierre1944-06-29
Cecile Joseph1948-08-03
Dan Hunter1947-02-02
Dora Julian1927-03-12
Edward Austin1921-03-04
Edward F. Antoine1946-11-08
Elizabeth Patrick1946-04-30
Euphrasia Louis1935-11-20
George Augustine1948-12-06
Johnny Michel1937-01-01
Josephine A. Moise1943-07-22
Leon Abraham1917-01-01 – 1920-01-01
Margaret Andrews1944-02-24
Marie Theopholie1935-01-01
Matilda David1945-02-24
Melanie Quaw1924-06-04
Morris Justin1937-01-01
Patrick N. Prince1948-03-05
Paul Joseph1977-08-09
Paul Shorty1938-11-14
Peter Louis Alexander1933-05-10
Pius Allen1942-08-01
Sally May Patrick1946-11-24
Shirley L. Peter1943-11-05
Therese L’Huille1934-11-13
Walter Carlick1949-12-05
Walter Dennis Charlie1948-03-23
Walter Green1954-07-27
Zar Morris Jack1947-02-16