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Sturgeon Lake (Calais)

 -  1907 -1961

Religious Entity: Catholic

In 1905 Roman Catholic missionaries opened the small St. François Xavier Boarding school near Calais, Alberta. A new school was constructed in 1910 and again in 1922, with new dormitories being added in 1944. By 1954, it was concluded that the school was too dilapidated to repair. Instead it was decided that it should be closed and replaced with a day school. However, construction of the day school did not begin until 1961 and the boarding school remained in operation until 1962.

Group of students outside Sturgeon Lake Calais school
Group of students outside of Sturgeon Lake Calais school
Three students outside at Sturgeon Lake Calais school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alvina Brass1953-11-01
Angela Kiyawasew1940-06-01 – 1940-06-30
Antoine Martineau1935-06-14
Bella Papastesis1940-01-01
David Sauteaux1942-12-25
Dolphus Kiyawasew1946-10-01 – 1946-10-31
Eliza Goodswimmer1944-06-09
Emma Musus1933-01-01
Eva C. BaptistNot known
Eva Craty Baptisteca. 1943-03-31
Eva Standing Ribbon1945-04-11
Gabriel MikkomususNot known
Henry Joachin1926-06-25
Herman Edward Kiyawasewca. 1946-01-01
John Tchowis1942-12-05
Johnny Kiyawasew1943-04-03
Leo Mitchell1934-08-01 – 1934-08-31
Les MitchellNot known
Mabel Kiyawasew1941-12-08
Micheal C. MosesNot known
Mildred Edna Moses1947-03-01 – 1947-03-31
Narcisse Tchowis1933-01-01
Roger Tchowis1943-12-28 – 1943-12-29
Thomas Musus [Larocque]1943-10-14
Verna MartineauNot known
Vierna Manitos1943-05-12
Virginia Tchawis1944-01-30