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Old Sun (Blackfoot)

 -  1886 -1971

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Old Sun Boarding School on the Blackfoot Reserve in Alberta opened in 1886. In 1893, the boys from the school were moved to the White Eagle Boarding School. The two schools merged in 1901. In 1908 a survey described the school as “unsanitary” and the building as “unsuitable in every way for such an institution.” During the 1960s the school became a residence for students attending local day school. In 1969 the federal government took over the administration of the residence, which it closed in 1971. The building eventually became the Blackfoot Nation’s Old Sun Community College.

Group of students and teachers outside at Old Sun Blackfoot school
Group of people doing laundry at Old Sun Blackfoot school
Group of people in field at Old Sun Blackfoot school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Ada Keg1900-04-26
Agnes Black Boy1904-07-09
Alfred Red Bull1896-05-20
Amelia Waterchief1924-12-01 – 1924-12-31
Anna Big Plume1908-06-25
Annie Moving TentNot known
Belinda Raw Eater1962-03-06 or 1962-03-08
Billy Bear Chief1906-02-10
Brian Low Horn1948-08-05
Charlie Big Lake1893-11-19
Charlie Many Times Going1902-08-28
Doris Studhorse1954-10-21
Edith Turns Robes Over1900-03-27
Fanny Ran After1900-10-21
Frank Red Old Man1896-09-28
Fred Bone Rib Medicine1901-09-09
George Weasle Robe1895-09-28
Gertie Red Old Man1896-02-02
James Crow Chief1884-11-04
Jamie Many Times Going1903-09-01 – 1903-09-30
John Bone Rib Medicine1893-04-20
John Poor Eagle1907-08-22
Joseph Lefthandca. 1897
Josie Fox1945-09-22
Kathleen Cranebear1946-01-01
Lonnie Bears Direction1896-07-21
Mabel Crane Bear1962-03-08
Mabel Wood1895-05-02
Martha Root []1904-07-14
Mary Lefthand1908-06-24
Mike Calf Robe1895-07-22
Minnie Reddish Guns1902-01-28
Nora Many Tail Feathers1900-04-26
Olwen Studhorse1949-02-19
Peter Big Head1902-03-25
Rose Mary Lowhorn1946-01-29
Susie Little Ace1902-05-16
Susie Little AxeNot known
William Winnipeg1968-02-01 – 1968-02-28