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Lac la Biche (Notre Dame des Victoires)

 -  1893 -1898

Religious Entity: Catholic

Missionaries established a residential school in Lac la Biche in present-day Alberta in the early 1850s. In 1862 a new school and orphanage opened, but the school was closed in 1872 due to poor enrollment numbers. In 1877 federal funding was provided for a new school, and by 1894 the government recognized the school as an industrial school. In 1898 the industrial school was transferred to the Blue Quills reserve, and in 1905 a new boarding school opened at Lac la Biche. The school buildings were renovated in 1941, and closed in 1963.

Building at lac la Biche
Building at Lac la Biche
Old building at Lac la Biche school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albertine HupseNot known
Alexandrine LadoucerNot known
Angelique KakekamicNot known
ChristiannaNot known
Harrie TraillNot known
Jack BNot known
Jemmy CrisNot known
Julie NatakamNot known
Katy TraillNot known
Liza FargusonNot known
Louise Weasel TailNot known
Marie Kakitomustus ‘Leduc’Not known
Marie LalondeNot known
Marie NatakamNot known
Melanie CardinalNot known
Rosalie MustatipNot known
Veronique HouleNot known