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Desmarais (St. Martin’s)

 -  1902 -1973

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Desmarais School opened in what is now Alberta in 1901. The building was replaced in 1930 and again in 1959. Starting in 1962, high school students boarded at the school but attended local day schools. The Northlands School District administered the school (but not the residence) form 1964 on. The federal government took over the operation of the residence in 1969. The residence was closed in 1973, but the Northlands School District continued to rent classrooms in the building and the Bigstone First Nation provided kindergarten classes in the former school.

Students and teachers outside Desmarais St. Martins school
group of people outside at Desmarais St. Martins School
group of students and teachers outside of Desmarais St. Martins

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alex Crow1933-07-01 – 1933-07-31
Alice Rabbit1948-08-06
Eliza Auger1943-04-16
Gabriel Desjarlais1901-12-09
Malcolm Auger1935-01-01
Malcolm Joseph Auger1946-10-25
Maria Desjarlais1901-11-22
Marie Gilberte Crow1946-06-30
Marie Lucie Beaver1946-12-05
Martha Auger1947-01-12
Mary Hilda Elizabeth Bigstone1944-05-20 – 1944-05-26
Mary Rabbit1948-10-15
Mary Yvonne Beaver1947-12-01
Paul Loonskin1944-02-22
Rose Rabbit1948-09-06
Stanley Gullion1944-03-01 – 1944-12-31
Anthony Percy Moses1973-05-26
Mary Manossa1948-09-05