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Cecilia Jeffrey (Shoal Lake)

 -  1902 -1976

Religious Entity: Presbyterian

This school (sometimes referred to as the Shoal Lake school) in northwestern Ontario was built in 1901 just east of the Shoal Lake Reserve. Before sending their children to the school, local band leaders won an agreement from the school that there would be no heavy work for younger children, no baptism without consent, at least a half day of class time for older children, and provision for children to be absent for traditional events. The school history was not without tragic events, in 1966, a twelve-year-old boy who ran away from the school died of exposure. From the mid-1960s onwards, the school operated largely as a residence for students who were attending local schools.

Group of students outside Cecilia Jeffrey school
Students from Cecilia Jeffrey getting a visit from Santa Claus
Children from Cecilia Jeffrey school outside building a snowman

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Keeshack1913-08-22
Albert Lindsay1926-12-01
Alvin Oshie1938-04-20 or 1938-04-29
Anne Wagamese1947-07-02
Bruce WapiskeNot known
Cecelia Cameron1947-01-31
Charles Wenjack1966-10-22
Desmond Greene1940-10-05
Eliza Oshieca. 1948-06-20 – 1949-13-31
Elizabeth L’Hommecourt1913-02-17
Elsie Ogemahca. 1921-01-01
Eva Wapeyca. 1926-07-01
Frank WapiokNot known
Frederick Kesik1907-12-17
George Roberts1948-07-03
Harry Gilbert1930-05-21
Harvey Pinesse1907-12-24
Hector A. FlettNot known
Henry Achanesa[]Ctouhca. 1912-03-01
Jack Kelly1925-07-16
John Shawun Nebqua Petungca. 1925
Johnny Peters1941-04-27
Kathleen Kabestra1925-05-21
Lorne Ogemah1907-12-22
Louis Cameron1941-12-18
Mabel Mandominca. 1910-01-01 – 1911-12-31
Margaret Kesick1917-12-02
Marion Land1939-12-28
Mary Louise Oshieca. 1947-01-01
Mary Majorca. 1946
Norman KahkekaypinesseNot known
Richard Allan Mandaminca. 1953-07-01
Ruth Redsky1941-12-27
Sam Redsky1953-05-01 – 1953-09-01
Stephen Cameron1946-11-13
Velma Kabestraca. 1922
William Crow1952-11-14