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Bishop Horden Hall (Moose Factory)

 -  1906 -1976

Religious Entity: Anglican

Anglican missionaries established a boarding school at Moose Island on Hudson Bay in the 1850s. In 1905 the Bishop of Moosonee converted his former residence into a residential school. In 1914 that school (named Bishop’s school) was destroyed by fired and replaced with the Moose Fort school. A new building, named Bishop Horden Hall, was built in 1953. In the 1960s the classroom operations of the school were merged with those of the local public school, and the school was renamed the Horden Hall Student Residence. The federal government took over the administration of the school in 1969 and closed the Horden Hall Student Residence in 1976.

Children from Bishop Horden Hall school outside at table
Group of children from Bishop Horden Hall
Group of children outside in snow at Bishop Horden Hall school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alfred Loutitt1919-06-29
Alice Blueboy1941-10-17
Alice Wapachee1942-06-12
Angus Alfred Sutherland1942-08-08
Angus Jimiken1965-01-01 – 1965-12-31
Annie Mark1943-05-08
Arthur Sutherland1919-06-29
Charles Carpenter1921-10-13
Christiana Shanoush1943-01-10
Clifford Blackned1951-02-16
Climey (Clymie) Elizabeth Koosees1947-11-02
Dinah Wamistigush (Wamistigoosh)1923-07-01
Dorothy Faries1943-12-23
Emily Reubin (Ruben)1942-05-09
Florence Cheechoo1946-12-24
George Moses (Bishop)1940-04-12
Harry Stockin1940-05-31
Harry Wesley1919-06-29
Henry Nepeneskum1926-12-09
Hilda Jeffreys1930-02-17
James Sutherland1919-06-29
John Frederick Sutherland1945-01-08
John Lazarus (A)1941-05-08
John Lazarus (B)1941-09-11
John Saganash1954-12-06
John Sailors1919-06-29
Lizzie Neepineskumca. 1920-01-01 – 1921-12-31
Malcolm Cowboy1912-03-01 – 1912-03-31
Marion (Marian) Wesley1942-07-23
Mary Shekabao1941-03-21
Norman Mark1933-04-08 or 1933-04-15
Patrick Sailors1933-03-19
Robert Sutherland1948-03-26
Sinclair Nepaneshkum1919-06-29
Thomas Loutittt1919-06-29