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Pine Creek (Camperville)

 -  1890 -1969

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Pine Creek School opened in 1890, closed in 1892 and then reopened in a larger building in 1894. A still newer and larger building was constructed in 1899. The school and the surrounding farmland covered approximately 632 acres. As with many schools, frustration, homesickness, and conflicts over discipline led students to run away or to engage in acts of arson. In 1928 eight boys ran away from the school at once. Two years later, a boy was caught trying to set the school on fire. The school closed in 1969.

Group of students sitting at table from Pine Creek school
Group of students in baseball outfits from Pine Creek school
Group of old photographs from Pine Creek school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Nepinak1951-04-08
Alexander Cook1938-07-29
Cecilia Catcheway1946-01-01
Charles Morrisseau1951-12-16
Domistille Nepinak1933-08-16
Florence Nepinak1943-01-01
George Mckay1940-01-01
Helen [] Kemp[]ca. 1919-01-01
Ida Kakiwash1942-08-22
Louis (Pine Creek)Not known
Maggie Moore1934-10-25
Margaret St. Paul1940-01-01
Mary Kirkness1925-01-01
Raymond Eagle1944-05-26
Richard Cook1938-09-04
Sarah Jane Catcheway1948-04-01 – 1948-04-31
Sarah Jane Eagle1943-09-12 or 1943-09-13
Sophie Moore1934-12-25
Theodore Cook1935-12-02
Theresa Thomas1942-05-24
Thomas Nepinak1944-01-11