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 -  1888 -1970

Religious Entity: Presbyterian

The Birtle School started as a day school in 1883. Following its conversion to a boarding school in 1888, it was expanded on number of occasions. Like many of the prairie schools it was plagued with health problems. In 1911, school principal Walter McLaren wrote “This school has an unenviable record for deaths from pneumonia and tuberculosis” A new school was built in 1931. In the 1930s, a school inspector noted that: “The farm should be operated for the school not the school for the farm.” The school closed in 1970.

Group of people sitting and standing in trailer
Group of students from Birtle school
Group of students and teachers in front of Birtle school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Agnes Ben1930-03-11 – 1930-04-16
Amelia Bunn1934-01-01
Caroline Bunn1939-12-01 – 1939-12-31
Elsie1902-01-01 – 1903-12-31
Elsie Blackbird1903-01-10
Emma Bird1934-10-03
Frank Hunting Hawk1925-02-16
Fred KashananilowlgranNot known
Julie Bunn1938-06-20
Mary F Keewatincappo1935-03-18
Michael Peter Perswain1964-01-26
Patrick TannerNot known
Ruben SandyouNot known
Sanderson (Birtle)Not known
Silas Hanska1911-05-10
Stephen JandreauNot known
Susan Blackbird1895-12-27
Watson Huntinghawkca. 1944-01-01
Willie DesjarlaisNot known