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Shubenacadie (St. Anne’s Convent)

 -  1929-1967

Religious Entity: Catholic

Shubenacadie school was the only residential school for Aboriginal children established in the Maritimes. From its founding, the school suffered from poor construction, poor maintenance, overcrowding. In 1934, a federal inquiry was held into the flogging of nineteen boys. A doctor testified the flogging had left the boys with permanent scars, but the judge heading the inquiry said the boys got what they deserved. Children operating laundry and kitchen equipment led to a number of serious injuries. By the 1960s it was recognized that the school lacked the resources and staff to meet the needs of the children being placed in its care and in 1967 it was closed.

Group of students sitting in desks and on floor at Shubenacadie School
Group of students posed for photo in Shubenacadie school
group of people making pottery at Shubenacadie school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Pictou1947-12-26
Bryant Simon1965-03-01
Clara Silliboy1942-10-20
Colin Bernard1943-10-19
Doris Acquin1943-08-12
Ella CooperNot known
Irene Mitchell1940-04-19
James Paul1938-11-13
Josephine Smith1933-03-15
Joyce Delores Mcdonald1938-10-26
Mary Agnes Ward1947-01-01
Mary Gehue1931-04-22
Mary Ginnish1943-08-12
Mary Madeleine Bernard1934-06-06
Mary Toney1943-12-05
Maurice Young1948-06-11
Nancy Lampquin1940-07-29