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Sacred Heart (Peigan)

 -  1887 -1961

Religious Entity: Catholic

In 1889 the Roman Catholic day school on the Peigan Reserve in present-day Alberta accepted three boarding students. Nine years later a new boarding school, known as the Sacred Heart or Peigan school, was built on the reserve. A 1909 study of health conditions in residential schools in the west found that 65 of the students who had attended the school since 1892 had died. Overcrowding and the lack of a steady water supply led to a number of closures in the 1950s. In 1961 the school was closed and a new day school took its place.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Gladu1904-01-01
Angela Hungry Chief1904-12-20
Eulalie Wooly Head1918-03-01 1918-03-31
Julienne Cardinal1901-01-01
Justine Gladu1904-01-01
Rose Crow Eagle1901-12-06
Sophie Grant1900-01-01
Suzanne Four Horns1935-08-05
Aloysius McDougall1948-11-13
Anthony Moustach1930-03-30
Elizabeth Iron Shirt1901-03-20
Florence Bastien1932-01-01
Gertrude Crow Eagle1934-03-23
James Iron Shirt1929-07-07
Johnny Lambca. 1903
Louise Lost1901-01-29
Michel Lambca. 1903
Pierre Kakitomustusca. 1903
Ruth Shining Double1941-01-01 – 1941-01-31
Sara Black Eye1901-02-07
Sarapop Black Plume1901-03-04
Susie Bastien1929-10-02
Albert Wiarikwaw1899-01-01
Angelique Red Crow1905-03-15
Annie Oseemeemas1900-01-01
Annie Yellow Wings1930-04-03
Eloysa Tromatay1897-01-01
Emily Moustach1931-02-13
Henry Small Leg1903-05-02
Jeanne Marie Little Craneca. 1901
Johnny Tromatay1901-01-01 – 1902-12-31
Josephine Little Leaf1937-09-12
Julia Three Stars1901-03-08
Lazarus Gord Prairie Chicken1904-03-01
Louise Pryekwaw1900-01-01
Madeleine Wolf Tail1905-08-15
Margaret Pard1934-11-22
Martina Small Legs1905-12-11
Paul Stony1902-01-01
Philomina Quinn1906-01-01
Pierre Tromatay1889-01-01
Rosa Lost1901-02-18 – 1901-02-20
Sara Thicestone1901-01-01
Sarah Maccoisis1899-01-01
Sophie Monias1903-01-01
Timothy Scott1930-01-01 – 1939-12-31