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Joussard (St. Bruno’s)

 -  1913 -1969

Religious Entity: Catholic

The St. Bruno’s boarding school (also known as Joussard) was started by Roman Catholic missionaries in 1913 at Joussard, in what is now Alberta. The building was destroyed by fire in 1923 and replaced in 1925. Enrollment increased in the 1950s when the Grouard residential school was being wound down. During the 1960s many of the residents began attending local day schools. A fire commissioner’s report in 1968 led to the school being closed the following year.

Group of students and teachers outside at Joussard St. Brunos
Group of people outside at Joussard St. Brunos school
Group of people outside at Joussard St. Brunos school posing in front of teepee

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Agnes Sawan1935-10-21 – 1935-10-22
Carl Robert Napio1967-10-25
David Cardinal1942-01-01
Edward Willier1937-06-30
Elizabeth Badger1924-01-08
Gerald Charles Badger1963-01-01
Johnny Puskeum1920-01-01
Louis Willier1947-01-01
Madeleine Chalifoux1933-04-10
Madeline Giroux1939-08-29
Melanie Walker1932-03-31
Michael Prince1947-01-01
Nora Moostoos1941-01-01
Patsy Giroux1945-01-01
Peter Okimaw1939-12-01 – 1940-01-31
Tommy Willier1932-04-11
Veronique Ward1920-01-01
Virginia Collins1943-01-27